Check Your Points & Rewards

I was bored and got to thinking about one of my credit cards that has a rewards program that I’ve never utilized. So, I signed in today only to discover I’d accumulated over 800 points this year alone and now had enough points (3600 to be exact) to redeem for a $25 gift card to Amazon, Walgreens, or PetSmart.

I chose the Petsmart gift card because that’s a bag of pet food I won’t have to pay for out of pocket in the near future! This $25 gift card cost me 3300 points. I could have kept going and redeemed 6000 points for $50 cash, but it’s taken over five years for me to get this far so I decided to take advantage of it right now!

So this is just a friendly reminder to all of you who read my blog….check your points and rewards on all of your credit and club cards and take advantage of those perks today if you can! Discover Card is an easy one. I frequently use my savings there toward Amazon purchases or to pay my bill. If you aren’t sure if you have rewards, sign into your credit cards’ websites and find out if there’s something you have available that you aren’t already using!

What perks and rewards do you enjoy from clubs and credit cards?

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