Inbox Dollars – The check is in the mail!

I finally FINALLY reached $30 dollars this week and can cash out my InBox Dollars account! I’ve blogged about Inbox before. It’s a free survey taking website that pays you money to take surveys and do small tasks like watch videos or read emails and such.

When I started in 2015, I made $131.73 total that first year. In 2016, I made just $47.70. And I cashed out today for $27.02. You have to reach a minimum of $30 to cash out, and they take a $3 handling fee if you want a check in the mail. But the good news is they immediately put $3 into your account for next time.

Sad that it took me a whole year to reach $27.02 but I didn’t devote a lot of time to surveys this year. I was at just $22.00 before Christmas so earning that $8.00 this week so I could cash out today before year end was a big deal.

But hey, that’ $206.45 I’ve earned from this site over 3 years and I could have probably earned even more had I just devoted a bit more time to it. Either way, I highly recommend you do it just to earn some free extra money. All you have to do is sign up here then devote some time doing the various tasks and surveys. That’s it!

There’s no time limit either. You can just let it sit and accumulate all year if you want like I did.

Are you using Inbox already?  If so, how much have you earned?

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