What’s next?

It’s that time of year again where I try to make a sad attempt at setting resolutions for the New Year, something I’m terrible at doing and even more terrible at keeping. I didn’t set any for this year and I’m happy to say I was so good at it I’ll probably set that goal again for 2018. So…. no resolutions!  Instead, I’ve got a list of other things I’d like to focus on and devote time to, mostly creative things.

  • I’d like to start painting again. It’s been several years since I painted anything and I came up with a neat idea I’d like to experiment with next year that combines collage with abstract painting so picking up the paint brushes again is high on my list.
  • I’m going to start keeping a physical log book. I experimented with “logging my days” here on the blog a while back, but I bought a moleskine log book for 2018 and plan to do it on paper. I was inspired to do this from one of my fav authors, Austin Kleon and a post he blogged about keeping notebooks.
  • Read my bookshelf! I’ve blogged about cutting my vast collection of books down a bit and I donated quite a bit of books last year to my local charity thrift store, but the shelves still over-floweth. It’s time to pick up more books and either read them or recycle them!  I didn’t read very many books this year, and the ones I did were mostly on my Kindle. So that’s got to change next year!
  • Write more jokes! 2017 was a great year for me and comedy, so I want next year to be even better. That involves writing more punchlines and trying them out on stage!

And that’s about it (for now).  Yeah, I need to spend less, save more, lose weight, and eat better but isn’t that every year?  And that stuff gets  boring.  So next year I’m devoting more time to CREATIVITY!

What are you plans for the new year?


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