Zinnias and Sunflowers

For several years I’ve celebrated our garden here on my blog by sharing pictures and stories of plants, flowers, and vegetables that we grew. There wasn’t much of that this year and I’ll explain why:

Other than herbs, the vegetable garden, and two butterfly bushes, we did not plant anything new in the garden this year. And even the herbs were planted in pots. We’ve added so much over the years, almost all perennials, so there’s no room to add any more!

Other than a few peppers we started losing most of our garden to rats during the summer. It seems our neighborhood always has a rat problem each year in the summer, but the last two years have been quite bad. You might remember me blogging about it last year where in July we caught a live rat in a trap every day for two weeks.

We gave up to the rats this year and pulled up the rest of our plants before it could get worse. We also removed the garden fence and planted grass. No more vegetable garden! It’s sad but things will be more manageable next year, we might grow a few things in pots, and we’ll support our local farmers markets even more than we do now.

There were two things we planted this year that did better than they ever have before: Zinnias and Sunflowers!  We have tried both many times before but could never get them to grow. One of our neighbors gave us some seeds for both last fall and I remembered to plant them this spring. The results were amazing!

Some of the sunflowers grew over eight feet tall! And their blooms were beautiful (pictures below). I’ve already collected seeds from them to plant again next year.

And the same goes for the zinnias (pictured at the top of this post). They bloomed all summer and some are even still blooming now. As the blooms died, I collected their seeds, and I intend to plant a larger zinnia bed next year.

Other than irises, these are two of my favorite flowers so it was nice to finally have nice blooms from both this year to enjoy in the garden.



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