Ghost Story Time

October is here and it’s time for ghost stories.

My first storytelling show is this Thursday. I have two events this year and I’m the host and emcee for both of them.

This week’s is a show called All The Feels, a month storytelling show with a different theme each month. This month’s theme is Horror Stories, where all the story tellers will share a real life story about something horrible that happened to them.

My story is about what it’s like to have a murderer in your family that you’ve never met. It’s indeed a true story about a murder that took place in my family back in the fifties.

Next Thursday, I’ll be doing “Ghosts and Goblets” again, a story telling event at a wine bar that I’ve participated in for four years now. There are usually four authors who participate and it’s different every year.

Some do readings from their work or read short stories they’ve recently written. There’s usually a skit performed. I used to read from my work but for the past few years I’ve told stories from memory from the book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. 

I’ve always enjoyed a good ghost story and like sharing them with others.  Ghosts can usually be found in my own work from poetry to short stories to some of my books. I’ve been reading and enjoying ghost stories since grade school. I can remember always checking out books from the school library that were collections of ghost stories. I even checked out the books about the old Halloween monster movies back then. So my love and appreciation of these stories started from an early age.

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you like to read ghost stories or do you write your own?

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