Upcoming Shows

I have three shows booked, one to close out September, and two in October.

Tomorrow night I’m part of a roast honoring a local comedy club owner. He personally asked me to be on the panel. I almost said no just because I didn’t think I’d be comfortable doing it, but I decided to do it anyway just for the experience.

It was a challenge writing “insult” jokes about someone who I actually don’t know a lot about personally. I tried to avoid the typical stereotypes that I know everyone else on the panel will probably point out.

Also, it’s expected for you to also roast the panel. That was a little easier because I know several of the comics on the panel. I enjoyed writing jokes about them. But there are two people on the panel who I have never met before. But they won’t be spared. I wrote jokes about them too that were pretty generic and could be used on anybody. And I know they won’t spare me either!

For October, I have two storytelling events. One of them is an annual ghost story event at a wine bar that I’ve been doing for several years. Last year I got asked to be the emcee and I’ve been asked to do that again this year. In the past we’ve done it two nights, but this year we are just doing one night. There are readings, stories, a skit, and this year we are adding a tarot card reader.

My second October event is also a storytelling show. In August, I was part of a show called All The Feels which was at The Improv Shop. I volunteered to be part of their October show which is all devoted to Horror Stories, and I got asked to host that show. The stories for this show are true life, so I’m going to prepare a different story than the ones I usually do at the wine bar.

I have family visited the first weekend in October, and I’ll be spending most of the week of Halloween in Nashville for work for a trade show, so October is going to be a fast and busy month!

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