Tuesday Night Open Mic

I went to open mic last night anticipating that I would not make the list since I’d just hosted the weekend prior, and I was correct. But I stayed to watch the show since several friends did get to go up.

I will say it’s always an enigma to see who makes the list and who doesn’t each week. Sure, there’s some politics involved. They always put first-timers up. There are the regulars who make the list every single week.

Whatever spots are left are tossed to the remaining fifteen to twenty comics that showed up who are vying for stagetime. Since all three of the club open mics are now on different nights, the list of comics who sign up has increased which makes it even tougher.

I was actually okay with NOT making the list last night. After hosting six weekend shows and getting to do 12 minutes of time at each show, it’s hard to turn around and do a 4 minute open mic. Do I try out new material? Do I just do my standard material? It’s a toss up, and a decision I’m glad I didn’t have to make, at least for last night.

What’s next? I don’t have any shows scheduled so I’ll be heading back to open mic again next week and possibly making the rounds at the other clubs. And our Sunday afternoon joke writing group has met twice now and that seems to be paying off for each of us, so I’m ready to start trying out some new material the next time I do make the list.

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