No Surprise

Back in July, I mentioned the surprise lilies in this post.  I’m sad to say it looks like they are not going to come up this year. There’s been no sight of them, and I’ve noticed them in other people’s yards around the neighborhood the last few weeks.

Two or three years ago I came across some red surprise lilies and bought them, like the ones pictured above this post. They came up last year, and sprouted up last week actually. There are three just in one spot in the yard and I almost missed them. It’s like they come up overnight and make themselves known when you aren’t paying attention.

I’d never seen red ones before when I came across them at the nursery. They are very oriental looking. They are nice, but the rain beat them up so they laid over. And they are hidden in one of the beds so you can’t really enjoy them all that much. But they are still pretty.

I still miss those purple ones though because they remind me of my father. I’m thinking about buying some more and planting them again for next year.

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