The Sedum that Grew from Concrete

We have lots of sedums (stonecrop) in our garden. When we first moved into the house, I bought a couple of them in the spring of 2007. I remember seeing them in the median of a highway once and thought they were beautiful and they appeared to be very hardy. I found some at a local nursery and we’ve been enjoying them in the yard ever since.

image1 (9)
My tiny sedum that grew from concrete

Their thick stems and leaves give them a cactus-like appearance. In the summer, they sprout green flowers which slowly turn white, and then pink, and then eventually a dark wine color by late autumn. We’ve split them successfully many times to spread them around and to fill in places and they come back loyally every year.

Earlier this year I found a tiny one, no bigger than a golf ball, growing between the bricks of our garden pathway. I thought that was an odd spot for it to have seeded and taken up, and I knew it wouldn’t survive there. So, I plucked up the seedling and transplanted it into a small flower pot, leaving it outside and hoping it might make it.

It did!  It quickly began to grow. I felt like Seymour catering to Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors (minus the blood)! It outgrew its pot and I transplanted it into a larger one. And just this past Saturday I decided to find a permanent place for it in the garden and to put it back in the ground.

It’s about a foot tall and just one single stem, but hopefully it will spread out like the older one in the picture at the top of this post. It’s still got several good months to take root at least. I’m so proud of it.



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