Cooking on a Sunday

If you have followed this blog for a while, you probably have the perception that I like to cook. Sorry if you’ve been fooled. I don’t!

Part of that reason is much like anything else. I often just don’t have any imagination to pull it off, so I find myself cooking the same things over and over. And that gets boring.

What I do like is cooking on Sundays and preparing meals for the week. Mainly because, you guessed it, it cuts down on the amount of cooking I have to do the rest of the week.

Last Sunday, I managed to talk John into making a pot of chili while I was out of the house in the early afternoon. I was going to make it on Saturday, but as the day grew old we found we weren’t very hungry and decided to just make the chili on Sunday. He also baked several chicken breasts which I had laid out to thaw on Saturday. My intention was to use them for lunches and meals through the week.

When I came home on Sunday afternoon, I contributed by making a few side dishes. I made macaroni – the boxed kind but there’s nothing wrong with that. I also roasted some carrots in the oven – this gave me the chance to use up some fresh vegetables instead of them going to waste.

So now we have baked chicken and two sides for some quick lunches through the week. And John’s been craving white chicken chili so we might use some of the chicken for that later in the week. But the prep work is done and now I don’t have to think or worry too much about meals through the week, and that’s what I like about cooking on Sunday.

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