Poems from the 90’s

I’ve been thinking about sharing some more of my poetry, so here’s one from July 5, 1994. I’d been out of high school for about two months. I’ve always been a bird lover, but I can’t remember what inspired this poem at the time.

I grin at it now, heavy with words only a well-used thesaurus could provide. And also sprinkled with the typical commas and semi-colons that much of my poetry from those days suffered from.  Still, I like the fowl imagery.  Enjoy.

Breach of a Promised Song

Why do I hear a bird singing through the dismal night;
It ventures so near, yet strays from my sight;
The bantam soul should be dreaming in a towering tree;
Instead, its heart is vigilant, and its song calls to me.

Oh, weary colombe, that calls to my heart;
Why do you choose not to depart;
For you always take to flight when it is day,
But when it is dark, you are here to stay.

Why do I attempt to ensue your melody;
For there are fears and troubles that often haunt me;
Through brambles I roam, startled, you take flight
As I discover your lover, dead beneath the bleakful night.

And now I know why in sunlight you roam,
Calling your beloved one to follow you home;
But unlike you, your kindred friend has no choice but to stay;
So unlike me, please bid farewell before the night fades away.

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