Comedy Workshop

I’ve been wanting to do a comedy workshop for a while now. A local comic occasionally hosts them after the Tuesday Night Open Mic, but that’s usually too late for me since it’s a “school night.” I’ve wanted to just do something where we worked on joke writing.

So, last week two comic friends and I decided to do just that! We met Sunday at Breadco at 11am for a workshop session, just the three of us trying out new bits on each other and giving feedback. I felt like each of us benefited from it too.

We each went around and presented a joke and the others gave feedback. We took notes. And then repeated again. So we each got to go over two bits, and out of that we even came up with some new joke ideas.

I think it would be hard to do this in a larger group setting, like at an actual workshop or classroom-type thing. Comedians are often very worried about getting and giving feedback. But I think it worked really well with just the three of us. We all trust each other, and we know each others’ style of humor. Most of all, we laughed at ourselves and at each other.

And yeah, we gossiped and just talked a bit too about other comedians and funny things. But I think all of us came away with something and we are excited about trying it out on stage.

Mission accomplished.

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