2011 Flash Fiction – Story 4

Did you ever buy a book just for its cover? This story is about a book I bought because the guy on the cover was gorgeous. I read it, and the story was okay. I probably enjoyed it quite a bit back then but would roll my eyes at it today.

Can’t remember the name of it now and I have since given the book away. The picture above is another such book that I bought just for the cover. So that’s what inspired this flash fiction piece that was first published on the Apocrypha & Abstractions website on July 28, 2011.


We met in a bookstore near the bestseller table. He had chocolate brown eyes and hair as black as ink. His body was lean but he was broad in the shoulders. He had a flat stomach beneath his tight white tank top. Arms, legs, and muscles bulged in all the right places. His skin was as smooth and creamy as cocoa. I hadn’t picked up anyone in a bookstore, but all of this from him and just the first page! I never judge a book by its cover, but this book had sex written all over it.

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