2011 Flash Fiction – Story 1

In 2011, I wrote quite a bit of flash fiction for the literary site, Apocrypha and Abstractions. One of the stories came up in my Facebook memories last week so I decided to share those stores here on my blog. Here’s the first one. Look for another tomorrow.


Mammy said no. No to letting me go to the army base to see James.

I asked twice. She still said no. Bubba laughed when I didn’t get my way.

I was so angry. At Bubba. At Mammy. I shot her while she was in the backyard hanging sheets out to dry. Bubba heard the shotgun blast and came running. I turned and shot him too. I dragged their bodies to the barn and looked for an ax. Then, I buried the pieces in the backyard beneath the blood spattered sheets waving in the wind.

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