Have you watched Ozark on Netflix yet? It’s only been available for about a week. We finished it this weekend in just 4 days. There are 10 episodes, and each is an hour long.

Most people I’ve spoken to about it and most reviews I’ve read compare it to “Breaking Bad,” which I have never watched. I know what it’s about though so I’d have to agree that “Ozark” is the story of an Everyday Joe that suddenly finds himself deep in a very dangerous, lucrative and illegal situation.

Jason Bateman plays Marty Byrde whose financial advising business goes south when the drug cartel he works for finds out Marty’s business partner has been skimming money. Jason manages to save himself and his family by moving to the Ozarks and cleaning money for the cartel and paying back what his partner took. But the Ozarks holds even more dangerous challenges for Marty and his family!

I’ve always like Jason as a comedic actor so seeing him in such a serious role was a nice change. Laura Linney plays his wife, Wendy, and she can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ve loved her since “Tales of the City” and she was great in “Primal Fear” with Richard Gere. And a few years ago I cheered for her in “The Big C.”

Ozark is very raw and edgy and ugly. It wasn’t filmed in Missouri but I think they got it right. I’m looking forward to the next season!


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