Improv in August

For August I’ve been asked to do two showcases that I’m both excited and nervous about. The shows are taking place at The Improv Shop in its new location in The Grove. It’s a fantastic venue; I’ve been there for the Monday open mic night and it’s a happening place.

Improv is a whole other part of the comedy world that I have yet to tap into, but I’ve been thinking about it. It has a strong presence here in our comedy community in St. Louis. There are a lot of people involved who don’t do stand up, and there are different levels of classes you can take to learn improv.

The first show is called Run the Joes. It’s an improv stand up show where two comedians are on stage at the same time and have to make up material on the spot based on audience suggestions. Since all of my stand up is script-based and rehearsed, I’m really nervous about this one but it will be good practice and at least I’m not on stage alone.

The second show is a storytelling show called All The Feels. Story telling is a passion of mine and I’m a huge fan of SLANT and Snap Judgment. I also do live ghost story events every year in October, so I’m very excited to be a part of this show. The theme is “The First Time I…” and I’m going to tell a story about the first time I ever went to a gay bar!

It’s hard to believe August is almost here already, but I’m really excited about both of these upcoming shows! I’ll be sure to blog about how both of them went.

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