Midnight, Texas

On Monday we watched the premiere of Midnight, Texas, a new show based on the books by Charlaine Harris. If you think you’ve heard that name before, you probably have. She wrote the books that the hit series True Blood was based on. We loved True Blood so we decided to give Midnight a try and we were not disappointed.

I started reading the first book in the series a few years ago, but didn’t finish it. Not sure why, but it wasn’t holding my attention at the time. I read about the first five or six books in the True Blood series, but they eventually fell flat for me and I gave up on them on purpose. The same could be said for the TV series though we never missed a show, but they didn’t always follow the books either.

True Blood was about a town full of vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, witches, and more. Midnight isn’t too far from that genre. Manfred, a psychic, goes to the town of Midnight to hide out. The ghost of his dead grandmother goes along with him. When he arrives, he gets wrapped up in a murder mystery and meets an array of strange characters which include a witch with a talking cat and a vampire among others. The characters are interesting and I’m sure each of their stories will be told as conflicts arise.

I thought the premiere was decent. Since it’s on NBC, it will be much cleaner than True Blood was. You could always count on some muscle men running around shirtless or some steamy sex scenes in True Blood when the plot was slow. But it’s fun to have something new on TV to look forward to from someone whose work we’ve enjoyed before.

Midnight is on NBC on Mondays at 9pm CST.

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