My Favorite Kid in the Hall

In one week I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with a hero of mine, Scott Thompson from the sketch comedy show, The Kids in the Hall. The show ran from 1989 to 1995 on Comedy Central, HBO, and other stations, during a time when I was still in the the closet about my sexuality.

The show addressed homosexuality in several of their skits. One of Scott’s most well-known characters was Buddy Cole, a fabulous bar owner with a lisp who gave insightful monologues! Here’s one of my favs:

There were no women on the show so the guys usually played the female parts. However, they never played it up to try to be over-the-top drag queens. They just played them as regular, serious female roles which made it even funnier. One of my favorites was Scott as a secretary gossiping with her best friend at work.

Scott is openly gay and his sexuality was often addressed on the show. One memorable skit is about Scott not being gay anymore and the others are worried that their gay fans will be isolated.

I think that’s why I connected with Scott and the show so much. It was airing during that time in my life when I was a very impressionable teenager, struggling with my own sexuality, and searching for a connection like most teens do during that time when music, TV, and pop culture are most important to us.

Scott always had an in-your-face kind of approach to his sexuality on the show and I admired that since I was not out but often got bullied in school and called gay anyway. Here’s another favorite sketch of mine that’s the perfect example:

I’m looking forward to letting Scott know just how much he and the other kids and the show meant to me. And most of all, I’m excited for the chance to get to share the stage with him.


    • It was on of my favs too. It’s still surreal for me that I’m going to get to even meet him. There’s a possibility I’ll be picking him up at the airport on Friday. Can you imagine?

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