Netflix and ?

Years ago we had a Netflix account where they mailed DVD’s to your house. Wasn’t that fun?  (Now all I get is get-out-debt loan offers in the mail.) Seems like so long ago. It has been at least 10 years because that was back when we lived in the apartment and we’ve lived in our house now since 2006.

So earlier this year I decided to sign up again for Netflix mainly to watch all the great stand-up comedy specials my friends kept telling me about. But we’ve also enjoyed binge watching quite a few other things.

Here are some shows and specials I liked:

Stranger Things
13 Reasons Why
Master of None
Santa Clarita Diet

And here are some of the comedians whose specials I really liked:

Margaret Cho
Bo Burnham
Rory Scovel
Dave Attell
Dana Carvey
John Mulaney
Anthony Jeselnik
Jimmy Carr
The Stand Ups
Tony Hinchcliffe
Jay Mohr

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