Are You Watching Master of None?

If you havne’t watched Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None” yet on Netflix, what are you waiting for? It’s amazing! It’s heartfelt! It’s funny! I could go on and on or you could just go watch it. There are 2 season so far, so catch up!

Aziz plays Dev, a struggling actor who does mostly commercials and whose big parts get cut from movies. He lives in New York and is caught up in the dating scene. He goes out with his friends. He visits his parents. He goes to Italy to learn how to make pasta.

Each show has a central theme that usually centers around Dev and some of the other characters, but sometimes there are flashbacks to a younger Dev or the story is conveyed through secondary characters who you don’t even know. Like in Season 2, Episode 6, which is called “New York, I Love You” where we meet a deaf girl who has an ASL conversation about sex with her boyfriend in the middle of a store while they are shopping. There is no sound, only subtitles, since the girl can’t hear. This leads into three cab drivers who go out partying one night in New York and end up going to see a movie. The first episode of Season 2 is even black and white! These “different” episodes are so artfully done. You just have to see it for yourself to appreciate them.

Also in Season 2, there’s an episode called “Thanksgiving.”  It starts when Dev and his best friend Denise are kids and playing in her room waiting to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Denise’s family. Fast forward to the same scene when they are teenagers, and again when they are in college, and then again when they are adults. Something different plays out at each dinner through the years. But the theme of the entire episode is Denise coming out to her mother and bringing her girlfriend to dinner.

It was an emotional scene for me because Denise’s mom’s reaction was much like my mom’s reaction when I came out to her when I was 18 years old and right out of high school. She felt like she had failed me as a parent, and she didn’t want to talk about it. But eventually she accepted me for who I am and things got better, and she eventually met guys who I dated.

Race places a bit part of several episodes, especially the one where Dev tries online dating, and in a few episodes where his parents play an important role. The episode about religion and Dev admitting to his parents that he eats bacon is hysterical!

Trust me! Watch “Master of None.” You won’t be disappointed. And then let me know what you thought of it.

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