Sketch It Out

I got to host at Funny Bone last week for Chris Kattan and Becky Robinson. We did seven shows over the course of five days. Chris is best known for his many characters on 8 seasons of SNL, and Becky is an amazing character comedian as well who has worked on MTV and Comedy Central.  She is auditioning for SNL and would be a perfect fit for it.

And in three weeks I’m opening for Scott Thompson from Kids In the Hall for three shows. Kids In the Hall was a favorite sketch comedy show of mine back in the day so I’m really looking forward to meeting Scott and seeing him do stand up.

All this got me to thinking about writing sketches. I have a tiny bit of experience with acting thanks to my community theater and high school drama days back home. I’ve always liked to write and perform. And I’ve been doing pretty well with the whole stand-up thing over the last year.

So this past week I’ve been learning how to write a sketch. I’ve been reading about them online. I was lucky enough to find a few scripts so I could study the format. And then I just sat down and started writing one.

I’ve enjoyed using Evernote the last few years. I used it to take a lot of notes on my last two books. I like that I can access it on any computer and on my tablet and phone and the notes sync across all devices. A few months ago I started using it again for joke writing. So it seemed like the best place to work on my sketch writing too.

I’m not sure what will become of it, but that’s okay. Who knows?  Maybe there’s a market for sketches, other than hopefuls wanting to become SNL writers. Or maybe I can eventually publish the sketches in some sort of book. For now, I’m using this experience to work on my comedy writing, and most importantly, at least I’m writing something!


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