Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 155-161, 2017


Went to see the new Wonder Woman movie. It was excellent! Finished season 2 of Love. Spent the afternoon cooking, reading, and writing.


Went to the last night of the first round of the Funny Bone competition to support Adam. Unfortunately he did not make it to the next round. Spaghetti for dinner.


Just another busy day at work. Leftover spaghetti for dinner.


Went to Adam’s Showcase at Hey Guys. Great show!


Another mundane day. Worked on some jokes. Started watching more comedy specials on Netflix. Finished watching Crashing.


Picked up an ice cream cake for John’s birthday on Monday, and got him a gift card for Bath and Body Works. Watched more of Hannibal season 2.


Mowed the yard. Shopped. Chick Fil A for lunch. Watched Beauty and the Beast and Hidden Figures. Received a letter from an old friend.






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