Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 148-154, 2017


Had breakfast at Bob Evan’s. Went to Kohl’s. Bought some more soil at Home Depot to plant the vegetables and herbs we bought yesterday. Grocery shopped. Picked up Bandana’s barbecue for dinner. Planted the garden – tomatoes and peppers and some more herbs.


Did laundry. Baked chicken. Bought frames for some artwork we recently purchased. Mowed the yard. Sha’Dam! practice. Started a new writing project. Finished a blog post on Medium. Wrote some more receipt poems. Read. Started the Netflix series called Love. Today was Memorial Day, our first paid holiday from work since New Year’s Day.


Back to work. Pretty busy. Leftover barbecue for lunch and dinner. No open mic tonight. Watched the premiere of America’s Got Talent and World of Dance.


Watched 3 more episodes of Love.


June 1st. Get to wear jeans all month at work. Finished Season 1 of Love. Started Season 2. Burgers and baked potatoes for dinner.


Pizza for dinner. More Love.


Had company over to grill out. Spent all afternoon outside chatting, eating, and playing yard games. Watched more of Love.



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