Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 134-140, 2017


More errands. Worked in the yard. Took another nap. Got fish and plants for the pond in the yard.


Today is the 131st anniversary of Emily Dickinson’s death.

Tonight I’m in the Funny Bone competition. Round 1.

John flew to Dallas for the next 4 days. Starting watching the TV series Hannibal.


Made it through to the next round in last night’s competition. They let the top 5 of the 10 through but 2 of us tied for 5th place (one was me) so they let 6 go through. I made it!

Vacation day from work today.

Worked in the yard. Cleaned up the patio. Bought plants for some flower pots…herbs and blood flower.

More Hannibal.


Day 2 of my 3 day vacation. Worked in the yard all day, potting plants.

Worked on some new jokes.

Open Mic at Helium…no crowd, all comics, so I tried out some new jokes I’d written.

More Hannibal.


Last day of my 3 day vacation.

Finished Hannibal – Season 1. Started Season 2.

Did some more transplanting in the yard.

Sha’Dam! practice. Had lunch out with Adam.

Hey Guys open mic. Got to be the host.

Picked John up from the airport.


Huge thunderstorm at 5am this morning! Knocked a big tree limb from the neighbor’s tree into our yard. Back to work. Subway for dinner.


Bought a leaf blower, and an electric chainsaw to take care of the tree limb. Grocery shopped at the new Aldi’s that just opened in our neighborhood this week. Went for ice cream at Baskin Robbin’s. Had a late comedy show in Belleville, IL at a gay club called Club Escapade. It was a pride fundraiser for their annual pride festival. Great show!

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