Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 119-126, 2017


More rain today. Thunder too. It stopped long enough for us to get out and get grocery shopping done. Made Mexican-style turkey chili for dinner. Did laundry. John made a homemade chocolate cake. Watched Office Christmas Party.


Made sausage egg biscuits for breakfast. Roasted a chicken in the oven. Tried making a version of my old favorite Paste House dish: Chicken Ignatio.  It was pretty close and quite yummy. Watched Jimmy Carr’s Netflix special.


Started training ANOTHER new hire at work. Sha’Dam! practice after work.


Slow day at work. Lots of flooding going on in the area this week. Wendy’s for dinner. Didn’t make the open mic list at Funny Bone. We started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.


My one year anniversary doing comedy in St. Louis.  Had a showcase at Hey Guys.  Small crowd but it was a great show overall.


Spent the evening watching more of 13 Reasons. Taco Bell for dinner.


More of 13 Reasons. Pizza for dinner.


Finished 13 Reasons.

The Fortune Feimster show was amazing! What an honor to get to open for her on stage. Both shows were packed. The first show was almost sold out. And I got asked back to the club host next Friday.

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