Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 114-118, 2017


Busy day back at work. I had over 250 emails waiting for me. Subway for dinner then spent the evening reading.


Still catching up at work. Wendy’s for dinner. Saw a kid get hit by a car on the way home. Stopped. He was okay. Still very upsetting to see that happen.


Finally starting to feel like I’m getting caught up. Open Mic Night at Helium. Not the best mic, only 10 people in the crowd. 20 comics.


Did open mic at Hey Guys. Not much better. Only 4 people in the crowd. 13 comics.


Slow day at work. Uneventful day.  It rained almost all week and more is expected this weekend.  After the rain all last week in TN too, I’m ready for some sunshine.

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