Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 77-80, 2017


  1. Did Laundry.
  2. Had dinner out at a Thai restaurant.
  3. Watched “Passengers.” One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I’d probably watch it again and there are few movies I care to see a second time.


  1. Another low-key relaxed day. Finished laundry.
  2. Bought groceries.
  3. Fried chicken and man-n-cheese for dinner.
  4. Watched Walking Dead.
  5. Started reading “I’m Dying Up Here” which is about comedy back in the 70’s and the rise of Leno and Letterman. It’s being made into a Showtime series this summer.


  1. Had to start training a new hire at work.
  2. Leftover pizza for dinner.
  3. Really enjoying the new book I’m reading.


  1. Spent the morning reading before work because I’m enjoying the book so much.
  2. Wasn’t going to do open mic, but went ahead anyway just to try out my new Trump joke. It didn’t okay so I’ll probably do it a few more times.

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