Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 76, 2017



  1. My dad’s grave marker got installed today. My sister sent me a photo of it. It brought tears to my eyes. Everything is done. It kind of feels like it’s okay for me to breathe and move forward now. We don’t have to worry or stress about anything else. It’s done. The marker looks really nice. I’ll get to see it in person next month when I go home.
  2. Bought an ottoman on Amazon to use as a window seat for the pets. It arrived today. We thought Mario might like to look outside and we were right. It’s also nice storage for their toys.
  3. Still working on this new Trump joke. Hoping to try it out next week at open mic. I’ve added a funny musical punchline to it. I’ll probably write it all out this weekend.
  4. Pizza for dinner.



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