Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 62, 2017


Was awake at 3am again this morning but made myself stay in bed and nap until 7am.  I knew it was already going to be a long day and I needed all the sleep I could get.  Had free breakfast in the hotel which was nice. Not the usual spread. The Mexican influence intrigued me.  There was breakfast burritos, guava juice, and hashbrowns that looked like potato chips.  It was nice.

Went to the center at 9 to start building our booth. There were three of us doing it this year instead of two so it felt like things went smoother.  We were done by 5, and that was even with an hour lunch break and having to wait an hour and half for labor to hang our sign.  But also getting the carpet done yesterday helped.

Went back to my room and caught up on work email, then went to dinner with two of the sales reps at 7. Back in the room by 9 and off to bed. Tomorrow is another long day of building displays, merchandising, marketing, and pricing.

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