Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 61, 2017

Thursday, Day 61

Was up at 3am because the new pup was coughing his head off.  He was fine once I let him out of his crate. Probably got too hot. I was hot too, and now wide awake so I turned the coffee pot on. Guess I’ll sleep on the plane.

Didn’t sleep on the plane but enjoyed reading and listening to music during the 3 hour flight. The mountains in Salt Lake City are beautiful and downtown is very trendy.

I’ve never flown Delta. Was surprised at how nice the terminal was in St. Louis compared to Southwest.  The plane was tiny, but man, first class and “zone 1” get the perks…wet naps, cloth napkins, meals.  Zone 1 got better snacks and fruit.  The back of the plane got pretzels and juice and water.

We arrived too early to check into the hotel so we went to the convention center and laid our carpet.  That shaves 3 hours off of set up tomorrow!  After that, got checked in and unpacked.  Then had an early dinner.

Day 2 I can sleep in a bit.  We aren’t starting set up until 9am or 10am and they’ll be three of us this year to set up.

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