Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 58-60, 2017

Monday, Day 58

After work, the stray rescue brought Mario, the rat terrier, to our house to meet Riley.  They did really well together so we adopted him!  Mario had been in foster care for two years.  He is six years old and came from Chicago. We had a rough night with him and he woke us up barking several times, but otherwise he is settling in very well.

Tuesday, Day 59

We went to Treats Unleashed after work to learn about grain-free dog food. That’s what Mario is used to and we want to transition Riley to it. Also picked up some raw treats and some beef bones for them, both which came highly recommended from the rescue group. Tonight was much better for him, even with a storm that rolled through early morn.

Wednesday, Day 60

Last day of work before I leave for Salt Lake City in the morning. Chinese for dinner. Then packed for the week long trip.

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