Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 53, 2017

Wednesday, Day 53

We had to make another sad decision to say good-bye to our second oldest dog, Bailey. He’d been battling eye trouble for 8 years now, taking eye drops twice daily, and an ulcer formed in his right eye about a week ago which involved an ER visit. They prescribed 3 more different eye drops and two pain meds and sent us home, but you could tell Bailey wasn’t doing well. He just sat there. He couldn’t see. He squinted. He slept more. Even the eye drops made him whine which was a first. He had always been so stoic and never showed an indication of pain. Things got worse yesterday for him and the outcome didn’t look good after we took him to see the eye doctor. The ulcer had started to dissolve his cornea. Our best option was to have the eye removed, a surgery that sounds bleak but has a positive outcome, but his remaining eye was in just as bad of shape and the chances of the same thing happening again were high.  We knew this wasn’t going to be a good quality of life for him and we wanted his pain to end, so we made a decision that we’ve now had to make 4 times in 4 years with the loss of Zander last November and my two older cats back in 2013. It’s never easy, but it’s what’s best.

Bailey was 13 years old and had been a part of our life since he was 6 weeks old.


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