Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 49-50, 2017

Saturday, Day 49

  1. Another sleepless night last night. Got out of bed at 4am and laid on the sofa. Was too hot and restless. Might skip the meds tonight to see if that’s the issue.
  2. It’s grocery and laundry day. Typical Saturday, but at least the foot is not bothering me this weekend so I’m feeling motivated.
  3. Went to the butcher shop for bacon, chicken, franks, and a rump roast for the crock.
  4. Grocery shopped.
  5. Did some more shopping with John.
  6. Watched Madea’s Boo.  It wasn’t that good. Most of the movie felt ad-libbed.
  7. Read.
  8. Watched the 2nd installment of CNN’s History of Comedy which also wasn’t that good. This one was about women in comedy and I just felt like it could have been better.
  9. John made fried chicken and fries for dinner. We followed that with homemade chocolate cake.

Sunday, Day 50

  1. Slept much better last night after not taking the meds.
  2. Put the rump roast in the crock to cook all day.
  3. Made bacon, eggs, and grits for breakfast.
  4. Did some shopping. Been looking for a vintage jacket for next weekend’s show but I’m not having any luck finding one.
  5. Cleaned the front flower beds.  It’s 70 degrees outside!
  6. Made a new pasta dish for lunch.
  7. Roast sandwiches with veggies for dinner. The crock pot dish was great.
  8. Read.
  9. Watched Walking Dead.

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