Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 40-41, 2017

Thursday, Day 40

  1. Foot is even better. No limping. Still sore though and the swelling is going down.
  2. My trade show planning is wrapping up nicely.  The big one ships next Thursday.
  3. Picked up a drawing I had done for John of our 3 dogs. It was going to be a Xmas gift but wasn’t done in time. So now it’s a Valentine’s gift. The frame I bought was too small for it so I’ll have to get a bigger one on Friday.
  4. Watched the first part in the CNN series “The History of Comedy.”  It was pretty good. I learned something.  But not sure how historical it is.

Friday, Day 41

  1. Very productive day at work with getting the trade shows ready to ship. It’s always a huge task and the foot problems didn’t help, but I’m in good shape.
  2. Had to take Bailey in for an Emergency look at his eyes. One of them is clouding over.  He’s been fighting eye problems for at least 7 or 8 years now, but one of them had clouded over due to an ulcer.
  3. Chili for dinner.