Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 32-35, 2017

Wednesday, Day 32

  1. Payday! Paid bills.
  2. Wow! January is gone already. Turn the calendar. Now I have to start keeping up with the days numerically for my log book.
  3. The Helium Showcase is tonight. I hope the crowd is larger than it was last night.
  4. My pseudo-gout in my left foot is acting up again so walking has been difficult. Hopefully going back to the doctor soon for another cortisone shot.
  5. Spaghetti for dinner.
  6. Was still working on my set list 30 minutes before the show and even added a last minute joke that a friend told me.

Thursday, Day 33

  1. The show last night was awesome! Probably my best yet as far as crowd response goes. I even got an applause break.  There were about 30 people in the crowd not counting any comics who were watching. And got paid for doing the show too!
  2. Still fighting my pseudo-gout. Got a doctor’s appointment for next Tuesday. Went to bed early because of so much pain.
  3. Skipped dinner.

Friday, Day 34

  1. Watched Arrival. Good movie. Kinda monotone.  I’m still processing it.
  2. Salads for dinner.

Saturday, Day 35

  1. Bought groceries. The store was a nightmare thanks to the Superbowl.
  2. Watched Bridgett Everett’s comedy special.
  3. J’s first Blue Apron box arrived. We had Chicken Enchildas for lunch with tomatillo sauce.
  4. Watched Inferno.  It was okay. It was my least favorite of the books, and the same goes for the movies.


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