Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 25, 26 and 27, 2017

Wednesday, Day 25

  1. Another busy day of work. Playing catch up from being in meetings all day on Tuesday.
  2. Salads for dinner.
  3. Found out I’m on a Showcase next Wednesday at Helium Comedy Club.
  4. Did my taxes. Getting a federal and state refund this time!
  5. A Facebook memory reminded me that Ward had been gone a year now.

Thursday, Day 26

  1. Another busy day of work. Have to start getting ready for trade shows next week.
  2. Soup and grill cheese for dinner.

Friday, Day 27

  1. Worked on my set for next Wednesday’s show.
  2. Went out for Chinese for lunch.
  3. Found out which night I perform for the comedy competition next month. (the 23rd)
  4. Burger and onion rings for dinner from a new restaurant close by.

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