Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 21, 2017

Saturday, Day 21

  1. Published Part 2 of my Essay.
  2. Picked up pet meds at the vet’s office.
  3. Had a Chick Fil A sandwich for lunch.
  4. Went to the Antique Store in Fairview Heights.
  5. Bought 3 lbs. of bacon at the butcher shop.
  6. Watched the movie Maggie.
  7. Did laundry.
  8. Put a bird feeder back out. We had brought all the feeders in last July when we had a rat problem in the back yard. Had not taken them back out since.
  9. Stopped reading The Goldfinch. It wasn’t holding my attention and life is too short to read boring books. I read the plot summary on Wikipedia instead and I’m okay with that.

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