Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 29, 2017

Sunday, Day 29

  1. Finished laundry, including bed sheets.
  2. Had a horrible lunch at a bakery/cafe we “used” to like. Probably won’t be back anymore. Sigh.  Eating out has become so expensive and loathsome.
  3. Bought 2 more bottles of wine today thanks to Facebook recommendations from some friends when I asked for suggestions for good sweet or semi-sweet red wines.
  4. Went to the pet store for cat food.
  5. Another stop at another grocery store for meds and pork roast.
  6. Went to two Walgreens and two Dollar Generals looking for Airborne. Why is this stuff getting to be so hard to find?
  7. Read
  8. Pork roast and veggies for dinner.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 25, 26 and 27, 2017

Wednesday, Day 25

  1. Another busy day of work. Playing catch up from being in meetings all day on Tuesday.
  2. Salads for dinner.
  3. Found out I’m on a Showcase next Wednesday at Helium Comedy Club.
  4. Did my taxes. Getting a federal and state refund this time!
  5. A Facebook memory reminded me that Ward had been gone a year now.

Thursday, Day 26

  1. Another busy day of work. Have to start getting ready for trade shows next week.
  2. Soup and grill cheese for dinner.

Friday, Day 27

  1. Worked on my set for next Wednesday’s show.
  2. Went out for Chinese for lunch.
  3. Found out which night I perform for the comedy competition next month. (the 23rd)
  4. Burger and onion rings for dinner from a new restaurant close by.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 23 and 24

Monday, Day 23

  1. Published Part 4 of my essay.
  2. Sha’Dam! practice.
  3. Soup for dinner.
  4. Sha’Dam! did 3 songs at open mic night at Babylon.

Tuesday, Day 24

  1. Published Part 5 of my essay.
  2. Annual sales rep meetings all day at work. Even had to stay late.
  3. Went to Funny Bone to try to get on the open mic but didn’t make the list.
  4. Long busy day that really sucked.
  5. Cereal for dinner. And ice cream.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 21, 2017

Saturday, Day 21

  1. Published Part 2 of my Essay.
  2. Picked up pet meds at the vet’s office.
  3. Had a Chick Fil A sandwich for lunch.
  4. Went to the Antique Store in Fairview Heights.
  5. Bought 3 lbs. of bacon at the butcher shop.
  6. Watched the movie Maggie.
  7. Did laundry.
  8. Put a bird feeder back out. We had brought all the feeders in last July when we had a rat problem in the back yard. Had not taken them back out since.
  9. Stopped reading The Goldfinch. It wasn’t holding my attention and life is too short to read boring books. I read the plot summary on Wikipedia instead and I’m okay with that.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 18, 19, and 20, 2017

Wednesday, Day 18

  1. Pay day! Paid bills.
  2. Fresh homemade salads for dinner again.
  3. Read.

Thursday, Day 19

  1. Read.
  2. Made chili for dinner.

Friday, Day 20

  1. Donald Trump’s inauguration is today. I won’t be watching.
  2. I pulled out the manuscript for a book I started years ago and have worked on sporadically for several years now. Last time I worked on it was 2013. I think I might start on it again. Time to finish it.
  3. While searching for my manuscript, I came across a 31 page essay I wrote for some project years ago (can’t even remember what project now) and decided to share it on Medium. It’s 6 parts. Published the first part. Read it here.
  4. Pizza for dinner.


Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 16 and 17, 2017

Monday – Day 16

  1. Back to work today. We are open on MLK day.
  2. Sha’Dam! practice. Our next big show is February 25th.
  3. Salads for dinner.
  4. Read

Tuesday – Day 17

  1. Picked up burgers for dinner.
  2. Worked on a new 4 minute set to try out tonight.
  3. It’s open mic night! I made the list at Helium again tonight. Going to try out my new set.
  4. The new set went over very well.  I was happy with it. Small crowd but they laughed and were lively.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 15, 2017


  1. I made pancakes for breakfast, something I used to do every weekend but haven’t in several months. Also cooked bacon in the oven. Both were yummy.
  2. Went to Tuesday Morning to buy a new colander. Found Harper Lee’s “Go Set A Watchman” on CD and picked it up too. First time we’d been out of the house since Thursday. The ice has melted.
  3. Made a new recipe I found on Pinterest – a casserole with ground turkey.
  4. White Chicken Chili for dinner.
  5. Read.
  6. Cashed in iTunes gift cards I got for Xmas. Only bought 1 single this time, but bought 6 full albums. Usually my wish list is full of singles by the end of the year. I never pay for music throughout the year. Just wait and request gift cards to buy it all at Xmas.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 14, 2017


  1. More ice overnight. At least we still have power and it’s not as bad as the storm we had in late 2006 when we lost power for 4 days.
  2. Threw some seed out for the winter birds.
  3. Made an egg, potato, bacon, sausage, and pepper scramble for breakfast.
  4. Read.
  5. Watched I Am Big Bird: The Carol Spinney Story. A heartfelt biopic of the man who has played Big Bird since day one.
  6. Watched Now You See Me 2. I enjoy these over-the-top A-ha! movies but the dialogue was so bad.
  7. Leftover stew for dinner.