Blog. Money. Health. Write. July 2016.

Hello_july_fireworksHere we are again!  It’s July already and time for my monthly update. I blogged quite a bit in June. There were 6 posts total including my June update. I’m already thinking about some posts I want to write in July.


All of my accounts grew in June except for cash savings. I dipped into it for various reasons so it’s down. I’m really excited about my apps, Receipt Hog and iBotta. They are steadily growing.

I forgot, again, to schedule money to transfer to my Capitol One Money Market account so I transferred a tiny bit a few days ago, and while I was signed in I went ahead and scheduled transfers for the next three or four months so I won’t have to worry about forgetting again. Here are my totals:

InBox Dollars Account: $38.06
iBotta Account: $31.45
Receipt Hog Account: $10.33
Primary Savings Account: $65.00
Primary Money Market: $30.00
Credit Union Savings: $80.00
Capitol One Money Market: $321.52
Cash Savings: $15.00
Total: $591.36


Well, not much to report here…good news anyway. I threw my food journal away. I wasn’t referencing it like I should and just wasn’t seeing the benefit of doing it. So, yep, I pitched it in the trash one day. That means I need to start over and start something new to motivate me.

Haven’t started walking again and now it’s too hot to do it. I haven’t gained any weight though which is good, but I could still stand to lose some. So other than watching what I eat, I’m not sure what my focus will be, if any, during the next few months.


Today marks the Ebook release of my fifth book: Feeling Himself Forgotten. It will be available in paperback later this month.

As I said last month, I decided not to work on any new projects until I got this book done.  I’m still not sure what new writing project I’ll start on, but I’ll know when the time comes.

That’s it for now. See you again next month.  Summer is here! Enjoy!

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