Blog. Money. Health. Write. June 2016.

96860-Hello-JuneMay was a much better month for me than April was. I took a week of vacation during May, so it didn’t feel like it was rushing by me like March and April did.  But it’s still hard to believe another month has come and gone and June is already here.  The year is almost halfway over.

Let’s get right to the Money portion of this blog post and see how I did in May.

InBox Dollars Account: $34.52
iBotta Account: $27.70
Receipt Hog Account: $8.32
Primary Savings Account: $35.00
Primary Money Market: $20.00
Credit Union Savings: $70.00
Capitol One Money Market: $281.37
Cash Savings: $41.00
Total: $517.91

All of my accounts increased this month so I was very excited about that. I haven’t been paying as much attention to my InBox Dollars account but I’ve definitely been taking advantage of my iBotta and Receipt Hog Accounts.  It’s slow growing those but it’s easy money that adds up.


Today marks Day 55 in my Food Journal that I started keeping in early April. I didn’t get to walk much this month because we had a lot of rain in May, but I definitely intend to pick that routine back up now that summer is here. I’ve tried to maintain my healthy eating habits which has basically helped maintain my current weight with maybe a pound loss, but gained again, here and there. Now that the weather is nice I’ve been anxious to get my bicycle out, so I hope to get a few bike rides in this month.


I wrote three blog posts in May, and one of those was about my upcoming book. I’m in the final stages of reading the book one last time before it goes to publication. I’ve decided not to work on any new projects until this one is finished.

So here we are.  Summer is here! Have a great month!

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