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aprilApril has always been a favorite month of mine because it’s my birthday month and as a child I always enjoyed Easter and the coming of spring.

With that being said, March always just felt like it was in the way. It’s the end of winter. And since 2013, it’s a big travel month for me for work. I travel for two weeks in March, usually the first week and the last, and the two weeks in between just feel like a rest stop from one trip to the next. So, yeah, blink and I’ve missed March all together and this year has felt no differently.

What does that mean?  Basically that a few of my goals have suffered during March and probably aren’t even worth mentioning. But let’s review anyway.


First, let’s check in on all of my accounts…

InBox Dollars Account: $30.61
iBotta Account: $25.20
Receipt Hog Account: $5.16
Primary Savings Account: $40.00
Primary Money Market: $5.00
Credit Union Savings: $60.00
Capitol One Money Market: $251.31
Cash Savings: $99.00
Total: $516.28

The Capitol One Money Market flourished in March thanks to it being a long month and me getting 3 paychecks. I had an automatic deposit of $25 transferred to it each time. My InBox Account finally reached $30 which means I could cash it out if I wanted to. And I finally reached the minimum to cash out on my Receipt Hog app as well.


Ha!  You’d think with as busy as I was in March I would have burned a lot of calories and dropped a lot of weight, but that wasn’t the case.  I was gone the entire first week for 9 days and the entire last week of March for 5 days. While I’m on the go and busy, I didn’t eat well and actually ate out quite a bit.  I think I stepped on the scale once this month and there were no changes.  So at least I didn’t gain!

But as I’ve said before, the weather is changing and it’s warming up outside so I will definitely be getting back out and getting to be more active soon and I’m looking forward to hopefully shedding some pounds this spring and summer.


No writing in March either. Too busy. And my finished book is still in the hands of the editor for at least a few more weeks.

So not a lot of progress this month from being so busy, and that’s exactly how March felt for me.  When I’m on the road traveling for work, I can’t even remember what day it is most of the time.  And it goes by so fast.  I still can’t believe it’s already April. March went by in a blur.

But that’s okay. The sun is shining and there’s still lots of good things to come this year.

See you in May!

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