Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship Part 1

At the end of June, it would have been 3 months since I last had coffee. I broke that trend this morning with a cup of Folgers. I sweetened it with a pack of stevia and some powdered creamer. It tastes like shit.

You might remember that at the end of March I had a similar experience with coffee.  Prior to that, I’d been drinking it almost every day for the last fifteen years. I had two cups every morning through the week, a whole pot on the weekend. Coffee was a staple in my life and I enjoyed it.

But that morning, it just didn’t taste good to me. Maybe the coffee pot needed to be cleaned or something?  So, I gave it another try the next morning and felt the same way. So, I stopped drinking it.

Right around this time I also started reading Amelia Freer’s book, Eat Nourish Glow. I’m not usually much of a “health book” reader but I devoured Freer’s book in just a few days. It changed my life!  And I’m not exaggerating.

I had already been search for a healthy substitute to my morning coffee ritual and had decided on warm water with honey and fresh lemon juice. Amelia’s advice was the same so I took up that ritual instead and that’s what I’ve had every morning.  I start with two cups of cool water from the tap and drink them quickly. Then I have a cup of warm water with juice from half of a fresh lemon and about a tablespoon of honey.

When you wake up in the morning and you are feeling drowsy or groggy, you are actually dehydrated. You think you need caffeine to wake you up and get you going.  But your body actually needs water. Try it for one week and you’ll see the difference. The cold water actually wakes me up quicker than coffee did. Most people think they need coffee, but most people also load their coffee with cream and sugar (like I did), and that’s the worst way to start your day. The dependency on sugar leads to all kinds of health problems from weight gain to diabetes. Amelia says you don’t have to give up coffee, but you should give up the cream and sugar.

Honey and lemon also give your immunity a boost which helps fight off sickness, especially during cold and flu season. They also create pectin in your body which fills you up and helps control cravings so it can be good for weight loss.

Amelia talks a lot about changing your relationship with food. You shouldn’t go on a diet and starve yourself. You should just step outside your comfort zone, break bad habits once you recognize them, and create new healthy habits. And you should do it at your own pace.

Giving up coffee and switching to water, honey, and lemon came easy for me. Recently, I decided it was time to make more changes. So, I decided to tackle fast food. Now, I don’t really like fast food all that much.  I have my few choice places that I prefer over others.  But it’s gotten to be so expensive and it’s not very satisfying, and I don’t have to be reminded about how bad it’s for you.  But it’s often a quick fix for us during a busy work week. I’d get it for lunch or have it for dinner, or on the weekend. Usually McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Wendy’s. And at least two, maybe three times a week.

Well, it’s been just over a week now with no fast food at all. I don’t miss it. I’m saving money. I’m eating healthier. And I’ll share my tips about that in my next post!  For now, remember to tell yourself you aren’t on a diet. You are just improving your relationship with food.

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