365 of Me: 357/9 through 360/6

Wow! And with this post I’ve made it down to the single digits with how many days are left in the year!  Here are 4 more pics from my trip home last weekend.

Mom’s tree is up first. Always a pleasure to see it and it brings back memories. For years, it was one of those trees that rotated and had the color wheel shining on it. Then I think there were a few years without the wheel and no lights. When I was in college, I finally convinced Mom to put lights on the tree. And guess what?  The lights you see on the tree here are the same ones I bought for her that first year!

unnamed (9)

This is a pic of me and my 93 year old Grandma! Granny is going to outlive us all!

unnamed (4)

Grandma and her kids! That’s my Mom in the middle!


My sister and Grandma!

unnamed (3)

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