365 of Me: 351/15

It’s been over a year now since the publication of my 4th book, Dickinstein. I’ve been asked several times when my next book is coming out, and I never have an answer to that question. Even now, I have a book I finished two years ago that is in limbo with another publisher. More details to come about that soon (I hope).

I know what book I want to finish and publish after that. It’s a book I’ve been writing for eight years now, and if you follow my blog, then it needs no mention. You have heard me speak of it before. But the muse never agrees with me and instead told me a story this year that I should give life to instead. It’s been heavy on my heart and won’t go away so I figured it was time to tell it.

So that means this is happening sometime next year (I hope)…


And I’m taking a different approach with this book, so you probably won’t see me mention it again here until it’s out.

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