365 of Me: 331/35


I am most thankful that I now have a job that doesn’t make me work on Black Friday. That’s one plus to having an office job. But I certainly had my share of working them when I was in retail management. I don’t miss it.

And I actually have no interest in Black Friday deal shopping these days. I prefer sleeping in. But J and I do have a Black Friday tradition which we kept this year. It’s going to Global Foods Market! There is only one in the St. Louis area. And while, yeah, we could go any time of the year, we like doing it on this day.

Global Foods is kind of like a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s but they are more of just an import grocery store rather than being all about healthy stuff. And it’s more affordable.

We stock up on exotic teas for the winter. We love hot tea and they have an awesome tea section. They also have a nice deli counter so we always pick two fancy cheeses and two types of meats for sandwiches. They also have a Jewish mustard that I love so I stock up on it too. And let’s not forget their import Christmas candy and cookie section which is always fun to browse! J loves the German shortbread cookies.

Surprisingly, they don’t have a good wine and beer section. So, we stopped at World Market (Cost Plus) for that before coming here.

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