365 of Me: 329/37


It snowed today, this Thanksgiving Eve. I went out in it on lunch for a quick trip to Hallmark and to the grocery store and it was really coming down. Snow definitely puts you in the holiday spirit. A stranger in the parking lot even said to me, “It’s a beautiful day!” And indeed it is. I have lots to be thankful for this year. Here are pics of the front and back yard taken when I arrived home from work this evening.

I miss my flowers and gardening, but I know they’ll come again in a few months. For now, it’s nice to reflect on other things for the holiday and winter season. The snow helps to remind me of that.



2 comments on “365 of Me: 329/37

  1. Your house looks rather similar to my own. Anyway, I am here to say that Sioux Roslawski just mailed me your novel “Dickinstein”, which arrived yesterday, though i didn’t open the package until today. I was expecting a different book–which was included–but Sioux knows I love Emily and I also love the odd, the dark, and the antiquarian, so maybe she just slipped it in? Anyway, I love your inscription–thank you–and I am stoked to start reading right away today. I normally never read two books at once, but the Eleanor Roosevelt bio I am in the middle of won’t be done for weeks–I am a slow reader, but an avid one–so I am throwing aside all caution and reason to dive into your novel immediately and with great anticipation!

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