365 of Me: 318/48


Today has been closet day. We live in a tiny house with tiny closets which requires me to pack my out of season clothes in the basement. So today I finally switched my spring/summer things for winter.

It is always a daunting, boring, tiresome task but gives me the chance to purge my wardrobe of clothing l don’t wear and to take stock of what l do have that l may have forgotten.

In the past, l was more indecisive and willing to give old things a second chance even though l knew in the back of my mind l would never wear them again. Not this year!

Today’s pic is a stack of pants and three hoodies l took to the basement last year. I don’t wear them or they are not my size so this year l am donating them. I also filled a bag with shirts and shorts to donate.

I counted a dozen pair of good jeans in my closet that l can wear. Some even still have tags on them! But l always wear the same couple of pairs week after week. The same goes for khakis! And l do laundry every weekend!

Next year my plan is to wear more and wash less. Or at least less often. Utilizing more of what l do have while hopefully saving some water and electricity too. For now though, l am quite happy donating these clothes to save some space!


  1. Interesting post, its made me think a bit! I have plenty of clothes under the bed and in the loft, which I couldn’t even tell you the last time I wore them> Maybe if I haven’t missed them in the last 15 months since we moved into this house and I put them there, then its time to get rid of them?

    • Absolutely! I’ve heard the rule is give it two seasons and if you haven’t worn it, get rid of it. A coworker told me to hang the hangers backwards and turn them around as you wear things. Anything left with a backwards hanger at the end of the season goes too. I am trying that this winter.

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