365 of Me: 270/96


I treated myself to lunch in one of my favorite Chinese restaurants yesterday. It’s not really a restaurant but more of a hole in the wall with a few tables and booths. I have rarely seen anyone eat inside. It’s mostly take-out. And that’s what we usually do. The trouble (and it’s not really bad trouble) is that you get so much food there’s always going to be leftovers. And the prices are super cheap! But I decided to eat inside mainly just to enjoy the day away from home a bit. This is a picture of my meal which, without drink, only costs $7.00.


I love looking at the receipt because it always prints what you order in Chinese characters which is kind of fun.  Even the words “Walk in” at the top have their own Chinese Characters printed above them.

And while I was there I also learned how the Crab Rangoon are stuffed.  Yep, that’s a worker in the background sitting in the restaurant stuffing Crab Rangoon mix into dough. Kind of weird, but I don’t care. They sure were tasty.



    • I like them too and I was amazed there really isn’t an art to it. See that big white dome on the table that she’s reaching into? That is literally a vat of crab rangoon stuffing and that mound is the stuffing. I just wanted to run over and put my face in it!

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