365 of Me: 265/101


For the rest of this week, I’m going back out in the yard to show you what’s still going strong now that we are in the early days of Autumn. With the extreme heat and extreme rain we’ve had the last few weeks, and with me traveling a bit and occupied with work, I haven’t spent much time out in the yard. I plan to do some fall transplanting and bulb planting this weekend though which will probably be my last big hurrah as far as working in the garden goes.

This is a pic of the rose garden we made back in the spring to which we transplanted our roses which we thought had not survived the winter. Three of the roses made a strong comeback. In the middle, that large plant is a free jasmine plant that came in the mail with my yellow trailing roses I bought back in June. Those roses didn’t do so well and had to be replanted, but as you can see, the jasmine made up for them.

Here are some up close pics of the roses:



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