365 of Me: 240/126


Oh, how I missed my tree this week.

I park under this tree when I get to work. It’s one of the only spots in our parking lot completely in the shade. Unfortunately, this week was so busy that I didn’t even take lunch 4 of the 5 days. I worked 11 hours straight for 3 days without a break.

Usually I sit in my car for an hour, in the shade, with the windows down and get lost in a good book. In the spring, I let my seat back and read for 30 minutes and then napped for 30 minutes.

I’ve watched a baby robin sit in this tree while its parent retrieved food over and over again to feed it. It’s where my groundhog can usually be found. The geese sought shade here last week. I’ve come to know this tree very well. It’s a friend of mine.

I didn’t spend the whole hour with it today, but it was still a nice reprieve. It makes me happy.

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